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We love our clients. And we're privileged to serve some of the most recognized firms in the the Triad.

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Gallins Vending Services

Quality, Innovation, and Unsurpassed Service

Gallins Foods is committed to quality and customer satisfaction in every aspect of the services we provide. We work diligently to see that the freshest, most popular, highest quality products are delivered as efficiently as possible. We work closely with suppliers to make sure the refreshing drinks and snacks our customers prefer are in their machines, and our commissary is constantly developing new fresh food items to satisfy the changing tastes and preferences of today’s vending customer.

The state-of-the-art machines and systems we use allow us to provide the food employees want at a reasonable cost, and our trained technicians keep those machines in optimal working condition. Our employees are friendly and personable, and our service is unmatched as we strive to build relationships and customer loyalty through the daily delivery of satisfaction to our customers.

Vending Equipment

Vending MachinesWe offer a variety of snack and drink machines, as well as fresh food machines and hot beverage vendors. Our state-of-the-art equipment can be modified to match the identity and brand of your business, and the layout can be customized to fit into any space.


SureVend LogoPreventing service calls improves the efficiency of our business and keeps our customers happy, which is why all our vending machines are equipped with SureVend. This technology uses an infrared sensor to detect when your selection drops into the delivery bin. If a machine fails to deliver an item the first time, it will try up to two more times to vend the product. If it is still unsuccessful after three attempts, it allows the customer to make another selection or receive a refund.

Fresh Food

Fresh Food Prepared DailyThe items in our fresh food machines are made fresh daily at our commissary and delivered fresh to customer locations.  It takes a little extra effort, but by not freezing our food at any point in the process, we are able to preserve the quality of the products and provide our customers with the freshest tasting food possible. Additionally, we listen to customer feedback and look at regional preferences to help our commissary develop new items for our fresh food program.  This increases the variety available to customers and allows us to rotate our product offerings on a regular basis.

Quality People

Morning Driver MeetingAt Gallins Foods, we know that a business cannot be successful without people dedicated to achieving success at every level. Our employees personify our commitment to quality, innovation, and unsurpassed service by delivering on those promises every day. Delivery personnel, technicians, customer service representatives, and inventory management all work together to ensure that customers receive the right set of products at the right time, accompanied by the high standard of customer service they deserve.

Give us a chance to show you how customer service should be.

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