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  • Nutritional Education & Counseling
  • Menu Assessment
  • Corporate Healthy Program Design
  • Resident Meal Planning

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We love our clients. And we're privileged to serve some of the most recognized firms in the the Triad.

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Food Service Solutions

At Gallins Foods, we know that managers and administrators have a variety of important systems and operations to oversee on a day-to-day basis.  By offering complete food service solutions, Gallins Foods helps make it easier to manage those priorities.  We take care of the everyday food operations so our clients are able focus on the more important priorities of running their business.  All of our managers are ServSafe certified to ensure that the facilities we operate remain up-to-date and compliant with health codes.  Consistent food quality, reliable service, and cost-effective solutions are the basics of our complete food service solutions.

In addition to ensuring that the basics are always properly managed, we work with clients to rise above the ordinary and create a customized food service experience designed specifically for the population in their facility.  We listen to guests and do our best to accommodate their needs, preferences, and requests.  The variety of foods available and people’s tastes are constantly changing and evolving; shouldn’t your food service change and adapt with it?

Contact us today to learn more about complete food service solutions for your facility.

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