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We love our clients. And we're privileged to serve some of the most recognized firms in the the Triad.

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Solutions For Any Need

Need snacks? Cold beverages? Cups, Utensils, Paper Towels? Gallins Gourmet Coffee Service offers these solutions and more in addition to our variety of coffees.  Contact a coffee representative to discuss your needs and design the ideal program for you.
Peruse the Possibilities

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Have Samples Delivered To Your Office

Try before you buy!  Contact us today to have samples delivered to your office or to discuss a free trial of our office coffee service.
Find the coffee that’s right for you.

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Gallins Private Label Coffees

Gallins offers coffees to fit every taste preference. From the bold, robust coffees in our Specialty Line to the smooth, rich coffee blends in our Signature Line, a wide range of flavor profiles helps every customer find their favorite coffee.
View all our coffees.

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Popular Coffee Brands & Allied Products

Coffee lovers are loyal to their brands, which is why we carry popular brands in addition to our private label coffees.
Find your brand.

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Single-Cup Solutions

With the growing variety of coffees available today, it’s hard to find one blend that a group of people can agree on.  The single-cup solutions offered by Gallins Gourmet Coffee make it easier for everyone to enjoy their favorite coffee.
See what we have to offer.

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Customized Coffee Bars

Whether it’s to impress visitors, provide an extra benefit for employees, or just make your break area look a little nicer, Gallins Gourmet Coffee will work with you to design the ideal coffee bar for your facility.
View some examples.

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Inline Water Filtration

No more lifting, storing, or moving heavy bottles.  The inline water filtration coolers offered by Gallins take the hassle out of office water service.
Read about all the benefits of inline water filtration.

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“Gimme the Coffee”

Shouldn’t coffee be the easy part of your day? With Gallins, it is. We make great coffee for every taste, without the struggle.
View the epic struggle.

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